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Stateoftheunion Tweets
#WHCD is like the #StateOfTheUnion in that both have no place in a free society and should be abolished yesterday.

Twitter: @talkradio200

@aspen_musing *happy dance of joy* #StateOfTheUnion http://t.co/I9Cm0IlYf2

Twitter: @TinkonBrink

it's a paradox jim @ClancyReports but not as we know it. united we stand, divided we fall. #stateoftheunion

Twitter: @QUaNTRoN_X

ICYMI: here’s what IN and OUT this week #stateoftheunion #allisonsaysso http://t.co/Eh2TvcvHsp

Twitter: @allison_ellzey

Like @GabbySidibe, @HillaryClinton-"I'll be thinking your words riding in my motorcade to give the #StateoftheUnion" http://t.co/hNirz018k7

Twitter: @jeaninecjohnson