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Stateoftheunion Tweets
Do we have too many BSOs? @GTAASU #StateoftheUnion

Twitter: @thehenman_12

@GTAASU #StateOfTheUnion meeting is going on right now!! Student Center Theater now!!

Twitter: @elyte4real

#StateoftheUnion Papelbon gets 7 games for grabbing his crotch. Rice gets 2 games for knocking out his girl. #NFL #MLB @MattSpiegel670

Twitter: @craigsword

Dutch King just finished @troonrede (like US #stateoftheunion). Amongst other, he announced #DeltaWorks2point0 https://t.co/d9JONVBjgS

Twitter: @BWSinnovations

Don't forget about the AASU Meeting tomorrow!! #StateoftheUnion

Twitter: @GTAASU