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Magnet Tweets
can we all just discuss how dumb macbook chargers are? like a magnet, really?

Twitter: @chrissydeskovic

His eyes...his magnet ㅠㅠ http://t.co/QMJ4sDNk4N

Twitter: @taekyeonie

#Computer #Tablet #Deals : http://t.co/MuRQONlpKX Magnet Leather Smart Case Cover for The new iPad 3 iPad 2/4 wit… http://t.co/sBV4zgItYe

Twitter: @ComputerBuying

@DoorGlass4Pets bought a door glass 07/2013. The magnet enclosure case that keeps swinging door closed has broken. How do I get replacement?

Twitter: @bwayneray

Maybe it's the wifi? Or may be it's the magnet at my desk?

Twitter: @GonzaJas1996