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Aca Tweets
RT @oncomingspork: With the ACA in place I am actually going to get treatment for my sleep apnea and it's all covered! THANKS OBAMA :D @POT…

Twitter: @Penny7022

Just victimized by ACA. My companies 2016 health care plan options R Horrible. Politicians opted themselves out & left us holding the bag.

Twitter: @Oracl3

RT @SBroadie: We should have been marching in the streets in protest when they passed that ACA legislation. Health insurance is now an expe…

Twitter: @GingerMarple

RT @OurOrdinaryLife: Getting Ready For Taxes with @TurboTax https://t.co/XfFLgotoTK #TurboTaxACA #ad

Twitter: @amomontheside

RT @ipox77: @thePDXliberal @KingBillyV @kuriuskat She's a Trojan horse. Those r issues that elites don't care about (ACA was love letter to…

Twitter: @thePDXliberal