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Ohhh depression YOUR BACK WHAT FUN!!! ALL DAY SLAP IN THE FACE BY EVERY ONE.... I just wanted a friend....... http://t.co/l2NqC6gGnQ

Twitter: @JuliaMarieHadda

RT @itscoleharmon_: If I send you a Goodmorning text, I really like you. I usually hate everyone till at least 10am.

Twitter: @herofchina_88

@Frasim88n @EliaOsma7 stfu u monkey lfmaoooo u wan a banana??

Twitter: @luca_virzi

This transfer window has been disappointing to say the least

Twitter: @The_Musical_Man

@SkyBiri lol if you can't work out minimal problems and feel the need to break up, you should get slapped. Simple. 👍

Twitter: @hananah__20